​​Greenville is launching a site ready loan program to encourage the creation of industrial, office, and commercial shovel-ready sites.

Greenville is accepting applications for a loan by asking interested parties to email a letter of interest to Bmoseley@greenvillenc.gov, by 5:00 PM, March 31st, 2016 (see: sample Letter of Interest​).  

*Recipients have up to five (5) years before loan repayments begin. ​

​​The letter of interest must include: ​
  • Property ownership 
  • Name and telephone number of applicant 
  • Size of the parcel(s) 
  • Size of existing structure (if applicable) 
  • General description of property, including any improvements 
  • Parcel number(s) 
  • Subdivided parcel(s) require an accompanying map 
  • Loan amount requested 
  • Amount of private funding that will be used in addition to loan amount 
  • Describe what loan monies will be used for Describe the potential future development of the site
Greenville’s Site Ready Program Highlights:  
  • Low interest loan secured by deed of trust or appropriate guarantee 
  • Fixed interest rate at 50 basis points over (5) year Treasury bond rate, (currently 2.3%)   
  • No principal or interest payments due until the earlier of date of land sale or five years.  
  • Property must remain for sale or lease during loan term. 
  • Any sites not currently within the City‐limits must be eligible for annexation and utility extension. 
  • Site must be eligible for non-residential classification and in corporate limits or eligible for annexation 
  • Site preparedness must begin within 90 days of loan closing 
  • Reasonable progress is expected and may be monitored 
  • Expenditure receipts required 
Eligible Uses of Funding for Soft Costs: 
  • Boundary Survey 
  • Preliminary Building Plan 
  • Phase I Environmental Survey 
  • Geotechnical Evaluation 
  • Utility Survey 
  • Wetlands study 
  • Endangered species study 
  • Other soft costs
Note: direct construction costs are not eligible