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Greenville Utilities Commission (G.U.C.) provides electric, waterwastewater and natural gas services to the City of Greenville.

G.U.C. strives to provide safe and reliable utility services at the lowest reasonable cost with exceptional customer service. G.U.C. offers discounted rates to large customers. Natural gas is available in sufficient quantities for process use.


Greenvlle has an abundance of inexpensive, high quality water resources.

Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) operates a 22.5 mgd water plant and a 17.5 mgd wastewater treatment plant.

Typical monthly water bills for industrial users:

  • Raleigh: $59,158
  • Wilson: $52,741
  • Greensboro: $47,527
  • Charlotte: $44,147
  • Greenville: $37,950
  • Rocky Mount: 35,094

Sewer rates: the median monthly rate for typical residential customers (using 6,000 gallons of water) is $38.84; in Greenville it is $35.20.